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Student Health Page

Sierra Valburg (2022-2023)

Sierra Valburg - USD 322 Registered Nurse

Office Hours 7:30am - 11:30 am (During School Days)

Phone 785.889.4018 Fax 785.889.4662

Annual Forms for the School Nurse

Health History Form

School Physical (general or sports)

Immunization Records (if not on Webiz)

Hearing-Vision-Dental Screening Results (if completed outside of school)

Medication Forms (this includes both over the counter and prescription)

Emergency Action Plans (as applicable)

Current COVID Guidelines

Free at-home test kits available for COVID testing are available for anyone wanting to be tested. These kits can be taken and used when needed.  They can be sent home with students or arranged for parent pick up by calling our school nurse at 785-889-4018, or by contacting the secretary offices.

Kansas Statute Regarding Infectious Diseases

K.S.A 65-122 provides the legal requirement for schools and parents to keep anyone known to be infected with an infectious disease, including COVID-19, in isolation for the prescribed period.

65-122. Schools and childcare facilities; non-admissions and exclusions; readmissions, when. No person afflicted with an infectious or contagious disease dangerous to the public health shall be admitted into any public, parochial or private school or licensed childcare facility. It shall be the duty of the parent or guardian, and the principal or other person in charge of any public, parochial, private school or licensed childcare facility to exclude therefrom any child or other person affected with a disease suspected of being infectious or contagious until the expiration of the prescribed period of isolation or quarantine for the particular infectious or contagious disease. If the attending person licensed to practice medicine and surgery or local health officer finds upon examination that the person affected with a disease, suspected of being infectious or contagious is not suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, he or she may submit a certificate to this effect to the person in charge of the public, parochial, private school or licensed childcare facility and such person shall be readmitted to school or to the childcare facility.