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Ian Heit

Ian Heit, 11 days ago

On February 8th, Onaga High School had its annual Winter Royalty pep rally. Keith Figge, coach for the girls basketball team and Ryan Noel, coach for the boys basketball team, spoke words of encouragement to their players and hyped up the community for the games to follow. view image

Kaitlin Dallman

Kaitlin Dallman, about 18 hours ago

Friday fun days are the best because we get to synergize with our preschool buddies!! view image

Anne Suther

Anne Suther, 1 day ago

Our Jr. High Scholars Bowl teams did well at the OTL tournament yesterday. Grade 7 placed 3rd with Grade 8 placing 4th. Here are the full results: A Team (Grade 8) 1st Frankfort, 2nd Centralia 3rd Doniphan West 4th Onaga B Team (Grade 7) 1st Frankfort 2nd SPPS 3rd Onaga

Justine Sperber

Justine Sperber , 2 days ago

Sixth Grader Leader of the Week (2/11-2/15) Heath Cress "My favorite habit is #3 Put First Things First and I use it every day by doing my homework before I play games." view image