Volunteer Extraordinaire Still Hard at Work

The following article was written two years ago about Bill Price. Since that time Bill has been nominated and won the Friends of Education Award from KNEA, and a State award for Volunteerism in Education. Bill also volunteers a lot of his time to sing at The Senior Center, Red Bud, Golden Acres and Prairie View as well as other venues throughout the year. We just want to thank Bill once again for the wonderful service he provides to our school and our community.

Bill Price has been volunteering at Onaga Schools for the past four years. Bill started volunteering after he retired in Sept. 2004. He had worked for the State of Kansas for 33 years, but had spent a total of 39 years in data processing (were computers even in existence back then?) Bill received his B.S. in Business with a major in Accounting from Emporia State. He is married to Linda (Rezac). They have a son and daughter and two grandsons. They lived in Grantville for 33 years, and moved to Onaga, Ks in 2004.

Bill enjoys playing the guitar and singing. He was the Karaoke champion of the State Agencies for 10 years. He also played in different bands.

After 6 weeks of retirement, Bill decided that he couldn't just sit in front of TV for the rest of his life so he contacted the school to see if there was anything he could help do in the computer area. He now spends a lot of his days running diagnostics on the computers in the three labs, and updating programs (such as the Kansas Assessment test.) Although this usually keeps him busy, the library has also latched on to him and he now spends part of his time helping to process new books into the library. He was really amazed at how much time it took to get just one new book ready for check-out. We are so happy that he is willing to help out with this sometimes tedious task. He also helps check-in and out students books when needed.

Bill has been a great addition to our school environment and we would like to thank Bill for all of his help, and hope he continues to do this for a long time.