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2018 -2019 High School Course Enrollment


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The Enrollment page is designed to provide students and parents with the information needed to make good choices about enrollment for the upcoming year.  Decisions about which courses to take are impacted by individual student skill levels, and what opportunities are available for them in the future.  Students are encouraged to consider taking courses that will help them pursue their career interests.  Students, who have questions or are unsure, should see the counselor for more information.

Scheduling Procedures:

The scheduling process is the shared responsibility of student, parent, teachers, and the counselor.  All contribute and encourage the student to choose classes that will help them in the future.  Parents act as the encourager and provide support to the child as they make choices that affect their future plans. Teachers provide the expertise in helping students decide which skill level or courses best suit them.  The counselor works to help each student choose classes that help them move towards their career interests.  Students should choose courses that challenge and provide them with needed future skills.  As well as making sure, their course choices meet the necessary graduation requirements.

The information contained in this handbook is to help students and parents understand the enrollment procedures, Onaga graduation requirements, Kansas Board of Regents Qualified Admission requirements, and the State Scholar Curriculum. Also included is where to find information about the NCAA and NAIA clearinghouse for athletes.Additionally, this enrollment booklet is designed to help each student plan a schedule for the 2017-2018 school year.  Contained in this booklet are , career clusters, course descriptions, and course numbers. 

2018-2019 Course enrollment Handbook

Generic Individual Plan of Study for reference

Incoming Freshman Enrollment Form

Incoming Sophomore Enrollment Form

Incoming Junior Enrollment Form

Incoming Senior Enrollment Form