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Plane Trignometry


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Course Description:

    Trigonometry includes the study of circular functions and their graphs, working with the right triangle, working with the unit circle, inverse circulat functions, identities, conditional equations, the Law of Sines, the Law of Cosines, and other topics as time permits.

Course Competencies:

      1. Understand raidan definition and measurement

      2. Be able to do calculations using the six circular functions as real-valued functions.

      3. Understand the basic definitions of trigonometric functions using both the right triangle and the unit circle.

      4. Be able to analyze the six trigonometric functions and their graphs with transformations using concepts of             periods, phase shift, amplitude, and displacement.

      5. Be able to calculate solutions to triangles of all types, using definition of trigonometric functions, Laws of             Sine & Law of Cosines.

      6. Know trigonometric function values for special angles.
      7. Be able to solve trigonometric identities

      8. Define, graph, and analyze inverse trigonometric functions.

      9. Be able to solve word problems involving trigonometric functions of all types, including but not limited to             vectors

      10. Be able to solve conditional trigonometric equations

       11. Be able to use the trigonometric angle identities including double angle, half angle, angle sum, and              angle  difference identities

       12. Be able to use critical thinking skills to analyze trigonometric functions

       13. Learn how to use trigonometry resources available on the internet

       14. Be able to demonstrate satisfactory writing skills in essay-style questions on examinations and/ or              quizzes or on written journals in response to questions about course content

Course Schedule:

          Chapter 1: Right Triangle Ratios

          Chapter 2: Trigonometric Functions

          Chapter 3: Graphing Trigonometric Functions

          Chapter 4: Trigonometric Identities

          Chapter 5: Trigonometric Equations & Inequalties, Inverse Trig Functions

          Chapter 6: Triangles and Vectors

          Chapter 7: Polar Coordinates & Complex Numbers