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Ron R. Lee & Richard J. Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Guidelines

By Haug, Mary


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Ron R. Lee & Richard J. Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Award Guidelines


March 12, 2018

The name of this award was changed to Ron R. Lee & Richard J. Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Award  from Dick "Coach" Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Award.

September 23, 2013

PURPOSE: This scholarship has been provided by donations in memory of Coach Richard Rosenfield.  The scholarship shall exist to advance the college career or vocational technical career of one male and one female graduate of Onaga High School each year.

CONTROL: This scholarship shall be controlled by the Board of Education, U.S.D. No. 322, Onaga, Kansas, in accordance with the guidelines of the Dick “Coach” Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Award Criteria as originally established by Richard Rosenfield, as well as the laws of the State of Kansas (K.S.A. 72-8210).

MAINTENANCE: The funds shall be deposited in the Morrill & Janes Bank of Onaga.  Said fund shall exist as a separate fund and separate account within the budget of U.S.D. No. 322.


1. There will be one male recipient and one female recipient each year.

2. The recipients will be selected from the senior class if they meet the criteria for selection.

3. If there are no qualifying students in the senior class, the same criteria will be used for selection of students from the junior class; however no monetary award will be given to a junior award recipient.

4. If there is not a worthy recipient in either the junior or senior class, no award will be given that particular year.

5. The recipients must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher.

6. By graduation the recipients must have completed at least 12 credits in the “College Bound Basics” or 9 credits in that curriculum as a junior.

7. The recipients must have contributed athletically and have lettered in a least two different sports.

8. The recipients must never have been suspended from the squad or school for breaking an athletic rule or school policy.

9. The recipients must have been of service to the community.

10. The selection committee of five shall include the principal, a board member, a faculty member not involved in coaching, a community member who actively supports school activities and the Buffalo Booster Club President.

11. No later than April of each year, the Local Educators Association shall select one faculty member who is not involved in coaching to serve on the selection committee.  The Board of Education will select a member to serve on the selection committee.  These two appointed representatives in conjunction with the high school Principal and the Buffalo Booster Club President shall form a committee of four to select a community member who actively supports school activities to serve on the selection committee.  The committee of five will make the student selections from the submitted list of eligible candidates.

12. After adequate discussion of each candidate, the recipients will be selected by secret ballot.

13. The recipients from the senior class will be announced at the annual high school graduation ceremony.  The recipient(s) from the junior class will be announced at the annual high school academic night.

14. The recipients’ names will be engraved on the Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete plaque.

OPERATION: The terms of the scholarship shall be a one-time scholarship award in the amount of $500 per each recipient of the senior class.  No financial award will be made to a junior class recipient.  Payment shall be made upon submission of verification of enrollment in an institute of higher learning.   Verification must be made by submitting enrollment documentation to the Clerk of the Board of Education of USD 322.  The scholarship shall be disbursed by the governing body of U.S.D. No. 322.

CONSOLIDATION: In the event of further consolidation of Kansas school districts in which the schools of U.S.D. No. 322 cease to exist as a legal entity, the Dick “Coach” Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Scholarship shall forever be awarded to a qualified student that is a legal resident of U.S D. No. 322 as that district existed as of July 2012.