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Career Education Policy


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Onaga High School

Career Education Policy

Jeanie Wege, Room 317

General Rules:

  1. Every class period will begin by meeting in the classroom, unless notified otherwise.

  2. Every member of the class is to be in his/her seat when the bell rings.IF you know you are going to be tardy – get a pass from the teacher responsible for detaining you, or the office.

  3. There will be NO horseplay at any time in the classroom or shop area.

  4. The use of gestures or swearing will not be tolerated in the classroom, shop, or lab areas.

  5. The office is for the instructor’s use ONLY. Students are not permitted without permission.

  6. There will be no hats or caps worn in the classroom.

  7. Food and/or drinks are NOT allowed in the classroom/lab, except water and approved items . Lunch items and snacks need to be finished and properly disposed of, before you arrive.


  1. Each member of the class is required to have their materials with them, when they arrive for class.Failure to be prepared will result in a tardy or a loss of daily points.

  2. Talking – You are each encouraged to participate in class discussions.However, please wait your turn – or until you are called on.PLEASE do not interrupt each other, or the instructor.

  3. Students are EXCUSED by the instructor – NOT the bell.

  4. Chairs have four legs. Please keep ALL four legs on the floor! Also, DO NOT sit on the tables, since the chairs have been provided for you.

  5. If you are absent – Please check to see what you have missed.IF you know that you are going to be gone ahead of time, please get your assignments ahead of time!

  6. Late Work – Must still be completed, or INCOMPLETE.

*** IF you are on the borderline between two grades – your attitude, cooperation, work habits, and behavior will be used to determine your quarterly “Classroom points” total.  (Take advantage of extra credit opportunities when they are offered – NOT at the end of the grading period)

REMEMBER: Grades are earned by the student, NOT given by the instructor!

Lab / Shop Behavior & Safety:

  1. IF you have ANY questions concerning your shop project, talk to the instructor!

  2. Always keep safety in mind while working in the shop (or just passing through).

  3. Always wear the proper PPE including safety glasses. This rule has “NO” exceptions.

  4. Students working in the shop area need to wear suitable clothing.

  5. ALL broken or unsafe tools need to be reported immediately. Any property destroyed in the shop area, may need to be replaced by the student.

  6. ALL injuries, no matter how small, need to be reported to the instructor.

  7. Students are not to leave the shop / lab area until ALL tools are put away and the shop has been cleaned.ALL computers need to be shut down properly, and replaced in the cart to charge.

Technology, Computers & Cell Phones:

Any student in violation of the Onaga USD #322 Computer Policy – may lose their rights.

Cell Phones must be placed in the appropriate location and turned off during class periods.

            *On the tables in Mrs. Wege’s room.