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    The school districts in Holton Special Education Cooprerative provide free devolpemental screenings from children birth through age five. Screenings are conducted throughout the year in each home district. The screening of children who may have devolpemental delays include evaluation of hearing, vision, speech,language, thinking, skills and self-help skills. If you have concern's about your child's developement, please call Jeanette Eisenbarth at Onaga Grade School @ 889-7101.

When should you have concerns about your child's developement?

The following items are some warning signs that problems may develop in your child's developement; they do not necessarily mean that problems are or are not already present.

Hearing                                                                                                                            Speaking                                                                                                        

If the child.....                                                                                                                If the child.....

  • does not startle at loud noises                                                       does not babble and coo as an infant
  • does not turn to face sounds and noises by 6 months                  cannot say the names of a few people and toys by age 2
  • has frequent earaches, runny ears or runny nose                         doesn't use 2 word sentences by age 2
  • does not understand spoken conversations or directions              cannot tell you about two thing that happened to them by age 3
  • talks in an unusually low voice                                                        is not easily understood by people outside the family by age 4
  • appears to ignore people speaking

Coordination                                                                                                                         Thinking

If the child ....                                                                                                                        If the child is...

  • Is unable to sit by age 1                                                    does not respond to name by age 1
  • Is unable to walk by age 2                     does not point to eyes,ears,nose and mouth by age 2
  • Is unable to throw and kick a ball by age 3                   does not know "big and "little by age 3
  • is unable to run by age 4                                                does not know three colors by age 4
  • is unable to hop on one foot by age 5                          does not count to 5 by age 5

Self-Help -                                                                                                                   Vision

If the child....                                                                                                                If the child......

  • has trouble sucking a bottle as a new born      doesn't look at toys and people;reach for them
  • does not use a spoon by age 2                                                            frequently rubs eyes
  • is not out of diapers by age 3                                         has red, watering or encrusted eyes
  • cannot sit and attend to a story being read by age 3                         crosses both eyes
  • does not play with one toy for 3 minutes by age 3                       doesn't notice distant objects
  • does not play cooperatively with one child by age 4                      rarely bumps into furniture
  • cannot dress themselves by age 5