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Do You Know Your USD #322 Teachers?

By Marten, Cathy

February 06, 2013

From 8:00 – 3:30 Monday through Friday, the teachers at USD #322 (Onaga, Havensville, Wheaton) are busy teaching the area students the academic and social skills they need to be productive citizens. Does it stop there? No, the teachers continue to work and volunteer in the school and community to enrich the community and students in many ways.
This article will focus on the professionalism of the teachers in our district.
The teachers of USD #322 spend many extra hours making lesson plans and grading papers so that they can benefit their students on a daily basis. After those long extra hours, they stay busy doing those things that may not be seen by other people. There are many school committees that go on behind the scenes that affect the outcome of the success of the school.
 PDC meetings – This team consists of members from each grade level that meet on a monthly basis to organize professional days to educate the whole staff in new programs, state changes in education, and other teacher training.
 QPA meetings - Curriculum chairs look at the needs of the school involving curriculum changes. They look through new programs and textbooks to choose the materials that will best educate our students.
 Common Core – This is a newly formed committee that is delving into the changes that Common Core Standards will be bringing to teaching.
 Crisis Team - A group of teachers are trained on developing plans that will be put in place when there is a crisis that involves our students or faculty. They make sure that all staff is informed of how to handle these critical situations.
 SIT teams determine interventions needed for students that may need extra help to succeed in school.
 CPI team- This group of teachers and administration are trained yearly on how to handle student situations that may escalate to a degree that needs intervention so that no student or staff is harmed.
 Tutoring – Many teachers are involved in before and after school tutoring. These may be organized sessions on a daily basis to help children on homework, or they may involve one-on-one teaching for a student that needs extra help.
 Summer School- This program is offered at the end of the school year to help students complete work that they may not have understood during the school year.
 Jump Start – Two weeks before school starts this session helps students that need a little extra time to get back into the swing of school. They work on concepts that may be lost over the summer break.
 School Climate – This committee works on strategies to keep our schools safe and bully free.
 P.A.T.H.S. – Local parent and teacher organization that brings the school and community together.


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