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May Site Council Minutes

May 30, 2012

U.S.D. #322 Site Council Minutes
May 2, 2012

The Site Council for U.S.D. 322 was called to order on May 2, 2012, by Jeanette Eisenbarth, Chairperson, at 6:35 p.m. in the school library.  These present were Jeanette Eisenbarth, Robin Kolterman, Dan Peters, Blake Behrens, Debbie Berges, Sharon Bosse, Roy Duer, Sandra Hill (OGS Principal),  and Daun Krohn.  Laurie McClelland, Onaga High School counselor, was also present.  Minutes had been previously approved via e-mail.  

Under old business, Mrs. Hill gave an overview of the Onaga Grade School student handbook, noting some minor changes that will be submitted to the Board of Education for approval.  Of particular note were the following policies;  computer use expectation; deliveries to students at school noting that any delivery must be left in the office until the end of the day and that no glass nor balloons deliveries can accompany a child onto the school bus due to safety reasons; parents of bus riders must call in by 2:30 to have a message delivered to their child; party invitations; student activity passes which the Council members stressed all gate people should enforce uniformly, sticking to the policy that a student must be accompanied by a parent for the pass to be valid; weapons; and Appendix A Student Grievance Procedures.  

Onaga Grade School counselor, Debbie Berges, noted the following.   The Cultural Diversity Afternoon with the Royal Valley Native American dancers went very well.  Speakers Donn Teske on Senegal, Ed Dillinger on China, and the Spanish students leading a quick Spanish language lesson were also well-received by the grade school students.  

In other student activities the Hop-a-thon to raise money for muscular dystrophy will be in the afternoon of May 15.  At this time a representative from Ronald McDonald House will present OGS with their award for being the top pull-tab collecting school in the area this year.  Additionally, the Kindergarten and third grade classes placed number 1 and 2 among all the classrooms.  A total of 338 pounds of tabs were collected and delivered for recycling.  Earth Week was held the last week in April with several contests – coloring, invention using all recyclables, and a poster contest were held for the students to help them focus on the environment.  The grade school classrooms also picked up the trash around the school grounds.  R-Squad contributed $500 from their treasury to kick off a collection for the families of Harveyville whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the tornado in March.  Students collected $307.50 to add to the $500.00.  

Results of the 8th grade ACT EXPLORE test were shared by Debbie.  In all four tests (English, Reading, Math, and Science) the OGS 8th graders scored above the national average.  The EXPLORE test is a way to gauge whether a student is on a learning curve that will have them prepared for entry level college courses.  Parents were mailed a letter letting them know their child received the results and an explanation of the results in school.  Parents were invited contact Mrs. Berges for more information and application of the scores.  One Site Council parent of an 8th grader noted how informative she had found the entire information sent home with her child.

Mrs. McClelland informed the Site Council that the 8th grade parent meeting will be the coming Monday night.  Several questions were fielded in regard to the high school offerings.  Eighth graders who take Algebra I have no high school credit associated with it; however, they still need 3 additional high school classes in math in order to graduate.  Eighth graders recommended to take Algebra 1 are done so based upon State Assessment Math score and current math grades.  Those qualifying for the Algebra 1 class always have the option to take the class or not.  With the Class of 2015, The Board of Regents policy has changed that students must have three math classes at or above Algebra I to graduate from high school or take a math class their Senior year.

College credited classes may be taken as early as the sophomore year in high school.  However, no more than 24 concurrent credits during high school are accepted at a post-secondary institute.  Evening and summer classes do NOT count in these 24 hours.  Currently, OHS offers 10 college-credited classes:  Composition 1, Public Speaking, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Anatomy/Physiology, Biology II, Chemistry II, and Medical Terminology.   Whether it is to the advantage of high school students to take concurrent classes depends upon the needs of the student.  At the current time, each credit hour is approximately $125.00.  OHS has good participation in dual credit classes with perhaps 30% to 40% of the students taking at least one college-credited class in high school.

Mrs. McClelland encourages all students to develop an activities transcript with her.  This makes it easier when it comes time to fill out scholarship applications in their Senior year.  It is also helpful to teachers as they write letters of recommendation.  

In other discussion, school discipline was addressed.  It was noted that there is an “uptick” of disrespect among students not only for teachers but with each other.  Often disrespectful language can be heard in the hallways.  Once a teacher reports the language to the administrator, all further disciplinary action is up to the administrator.  Mrs. Hill shared that she has the student write down what they said and then call their parent, reading what they said.  There is then a consequence from the school for the disrespectful language issue.  Dr. Marten was unavailable to comment on how he chooses to handle the language issue in the high school.  

Mrs. Hill noted, however, that approximately 5% of the students take up 80% of her time in regard to discipline issues.  Parental support of disciplining the child at home is always appreciated.  Onaga is fortunate to have so many supportive parents.

PATHS, formed through the Title 1 program with Mrs. Trostle, have a Spring Fling carnival planned for May 17 to raise money for the group.

Under new business, Debbie will ask Bill and Ethel Jenkins to consider joining the Site Council.  (They have agreed to become members of the Site Council.)  Daun will ask Tabitha Schlegel to join the Council.  Election of the 2012-2013 officers took place with Sharon Bosse being elected President; pending her approval, Hillary Koch was elected vice-president; and Mary Pennington was elected secretary.  

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.  The next meeting will be next school year.  Mrs. Hill thanked Jeannette and Debbie for serving as officers this past year.

Minutes submitted by Debbie Berges, Secretary

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