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Alumni Scholarship Cover Letter

by Debbie Berges

December 08, 2010

Alumni Scholarship Cover Sheet


The Alumni Scholarship Committee is excited that you have chosen to fill out our

application. This scholarship is for $500 and can be renewed for an additional

three years, making it a total scholarship of up to $2000.


A date to remember: By April 20, 2011, your application must have been submitted

to Darlene Niehues, President of the Alumni Scholarship Committee.


The application is available on-line (www.usd322.org) and from the O.H.S. Counselor.


As you are filling out this application, make sure to give attention to the following

techniques in order to make your application competitive in this scholarship

application process:


_____  Applications must be typed.


_____  Is your application completely filled out? If an item does not apply to you,

            note this by indicating NA (Not Applicable).


_____  Have you noted some type of community service, even if they are small acts

            of service? (If you have no community service, it is suggested that you

            volunteer to do something for 10 hours for your community, church,

             school, neighbors, etc.)


_____  Is your application free of spelling and grammar errors?


_____  Have you made a duplicate copy? A good practice is

            to make yourself a duplicate application, fill it out and have someone look

            it over for errors. Then, copy your corrected information onto the original

            application form and mail it in.


_____  Do you have all the required signatures?


_____  Do you have a copy of your transcript included with application?



If you chose to complete the Alumni Scholarship application, you will need to be in

attendance at the Alumni Banquet on May 8th to receive your scholarship, should

you be one of the recipients. Recipients are not notified ahead of the Banquet;

therefore, if you cannot attend the Banquet, please notify Darlene Niehues at 


Please return this application in the enclosed envelope to Darlene Niehues

by April 20, 2011.


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