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Site Council Minutes for November Meeting

by Debbie Berges

November 22, 2010

The November 3, 2010 meeting of the K-12 Site Council was called to order at 6:35 by Chairperson, Roy Duer.  Those in attendance were Debbie Berges, Sharon Bosse, Roy Duer, Jeanette Eisenbarth, Arlene Jacobson, Robin Kolterman, Superintendent Fred Marten, Mary Pennington, Dan Peters, and Amy Spoonts.  Minutes of the September meeting had been approved via e-mail.

In old business, Dr. Marten reported on the after-school tutoring programs that are in place at the high school while Debbie shared what the middle school was implementing an after-school program for students who have not completed their academic work and/or are failing a class.  In addition to this, study hall time has been given to MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support), focusing on certain indicators found to be problem areas for students as noted on the Kansas Assessments for 2009-2010.  At the high school level, a teacher is available after school to students needing extra academic help.  Elementary teachers provide remediation as needed.  Mrs. Rezac has implemented the MTSS program.  Training is under way for the rest of ht e elementary to implement the MTSS program.  Amy noted that the training is being conducted by a paid consultant from Emporia State University.  The cost of the program and training comes from the At-Risk portion of the District budget.  All elementary classrooms have implemented some form of the MTSS program.  Dr. Marten noted that the goal is to have a seamless movement flow from each grade levels K-12 with the MTSS program.  Dr. Marten noted that there is a large group of students, approximately 80%, who do not need the remedial help of MTSS; while another 15% need help with certain state assessed indicators.  5% of the students will need concentrated help with indicators.

Dr. Marten reported that all groups within the school system made AYP.  Keep in mind that these are classes from last year.  High School received a Building Wide Standard of Excellence in Reading and Math.  The elementary school earned the Building Wide Standard of Excellence in Reading.  Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 all achieved Standard of Excellence in Reading with Grade 7 reaching that high goal in Math.  State assessments at the elementary level begin mid-February and extend through mid-April, with windows for certain subject matters within that time frame.  Amy informed the Council that for the first time practice assessments may be given up to three times a year, thus helping student become more familiar with the test.  The results of these tests are almost immediate, thus allowing the teacher to adjust the curriculum to re-teach weak areas.

At the high school level, Dr. Marten indicated that teachers are looking at some remedial software programs that also could be used for credit completion.  Recommendations for these programs will go through the QPA committee.  These programs will involve a financial commitment.

Other events as noted by Dr. Marten were Parent Teacher conferences now underway; there will be a send-off for the football team on Friday at 5:15.

Debbie shared that Red Ribbon Week has been a success, noting the leadership of the 5th grade students in helping with Game Hour during that week.  Breakfast Buddies, where an 8th grader is matched up with a younger elementary student, has started; Big Brothers Big Sisters is still not underway for the year;  and 5th graders who are not in band are visiting Redbud and Golden Acres during this time twice a month.  Arlene wanted to know how the Junior High Leadership Workshop had gone with Richard Pitts.  Debbie shared that the students seemed to have enjoyed the workshop, yet learned some good skills.  His speaker fee had been paid for out of Drug-Free Schools Monies.  These funds no longer exist for schools to access.

Arlene provided a Board of Education report to the Council.  The Board has adopted their goals for the school year which provide a direction from which to approach decisions.  The District office will be moved to the school campus by May 1.  The office will go into the IDL room in the old stone ag building.  Storage is provided in the east end of this building.  The Board will be making decisions at an upcoming meeting concerning the sale of the USD office building.  

In other Board of Education business, Arlene noted a personnel addition of Gayla Figge as the office manager once Sandy Carman retires in December.  Mr. Kite had requested support for the journalism class to go to National Convention in Kansas City; the Board will support the annual Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner but will seek financial support from organizations and businesses to help defray the costs.  An explanation of some monies received by the District from either individuals or grants was explained.

In new business, Roy had questions about the sidewalk on the northwest corner of the school property.  He also pointed out the treacherous shape the entrance to the north parking lot is in.  Roy complimented the athletic trainer on how well she is handling concerns of injured students.  

A discussion ensued about block scheduling, shared teachers between middle school and high school.  It was noted that when all was said and done what was best for students should drive the decision about how to schedule classes.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on January 5, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Berges, Secretary

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